1993 QLG Documents

NOTE: In assembling the archive, priority was given to providing and linking those documents that capture the QLG process, dialogue, and milestones. The other listed documents can be made available.

For reasons unknown, linked items are not highlighted in blue as normal; they are however, underlined.


1 McClellan Creek Project Proposal Friends of Plumas Wilderness & Sierra Pacific Industries 2-11-93 pre-7-93 V1 Project description and contact personnel
2 Letter Wayne Thornton

Michael Jackson

3-4-93 pre-7-93 V1 Support of QLG efforts and offer of Jeff Withroe's help as a FS resource, Clarks 2000 project description
3 SPI objectives Sierra Pacific Industies 4-29-93 pre-7-93 V1 Certainty, Stability, goals and objectives
4 Tentative Agreement QLG/FPW 5-25-93 pre-7-93 V1 7 points of tentative agreement between members
5 Interim FMP suggestions


  6-3-93 pre-7-93 V1 Short-term management strategies/goals
6 Letter John L. Redd

Mike DeLasaux

7-12-93 7-9-93 V1 Indian Valley Recreation & Park District requests recreation be includd in economic analysis portion of FMP
7 Letter Neil G. Dion

Mike DeLasaux

7-16-93 7-9-93 V1 States that Community Stability Proposal does not comply with CA Spotted Owl Report
8 Letter StephenBishop

Mike DeLasaux

7-26-93 7-22-93 V1 Re: Community Stability Proposal, Questions and Issues to address
9 Letter Linda L.Blum

Wayne Thornton

8-4-93 7-22-93 V1 Re: Becknel Project which Mike Williams of the Greenville Ranger District didn't want to modify
10 Letter Jared Verner

Neil G. Dion

8-2-93 7-22-93 V1 Responds to earlier questions Re: owl study areas
11 Letter Randy A. Pew 8-9-93 8-9-93 V1 Pew Forest Products suggestions to add to plan
12 Letter John Redd

Wayne Thornton

8-11-93 8-9-93 V1 Synopsis of tensions and conflicts during the 8-9-93 meeting and appeal for Wayne to continue support
13 Letter Philip E. Nemir

Mike DeLasaux

7-27-93 8-9-93 V1 Re:Community Stability Proposal,Lassen Land & Trails Trust letter of support to be sent to congress if need
14 Letter John Redd

Bill Coates, Mike Jackson, & Tom Nelson

9-13-93 8-9-93 V1 Suggests need for professional lobbyists help.

Also, PNF & LNF need CASPO and Land Management :Plan to change before they'll act

15 Letter John Redd

Barbara Boxer

9-4-93 8-9-93 V1 Thank you letter for attendance and support shown in Chester
16 Letter Steve Evans

Mike Jackson & QLG

8-29-93 8-9-93 V1 Disturbed by size of "adaptive management strategy" and cannot endorse proposal as currently written
17 Community Stability Proposal QLG 8-13-93 8-30-93 V1 Summary 2pg doc
18 Community Stability Proposal QLG 6/93-7/93 8-30-93 V1 1993 QLG Proposal (multiple versions with signatures)
19 Letter Carl Pew


8-30-93 8-30-93 V1 Re: his position on the Community Stability Proposal,SSTS, and Greenville and Indian Valley area
20 Community Stability Proposal

Monitoring Plan Outline

  8-26-93 8-30-93 V1 Draft/ Evaluation of success & effectiveness, objectives, strategies, implementation, parameters
21 Steering Committee list and Resolution C.S.P. Mike DeLasaux 9-17-93 9-28-93 V1 Explains role of steering committee and give resolution version of Community Stability Proposal
22 Community Stability Proposal     9-28-93 V1 Summary 1 pg doc
23 SSTS subcommittee meeting   9-8-93 9-28-93 V1 recommendations of changes for Community Stability Proposal, defines: Sales (partial, salvage, other)
24 CASPO Decision Notice   1-93 9-28-93 V1 Defines two situations in which adaptive management is allowed
25 Adaptive Management Areas     9-28-93 V1 development and testing areas, key features defined and selection of areas outlined
26 Rationale for Feather River Adaptive Management Area Designation Plumas Corp. 9-93 9-28-93 V1 Geog Dist, Ed & Tech training, community involvement, funding sources, local processing of forest products, multiple ownership of watersheds, stable employment
27 Silviculture & Timber Management Mike Yost


9-28-93 9-28-93 V1 desired future condition, intermediate cuts, regeneration-harvest cuts, snag retention
28 Community Stability Proposal SPI Timber/ Tom Nelson 10-1-93 9-28-93 V1 Proposed Resolution in support of QLG from Gov. Wilson
29 Timber outputs on LNF Tom Simonson


9-24-93 9-28-93 V1 Analysis of QLG proposal
30 Letter Susan Baremore, Linda Blum, & Ed Murphy

Wayne Thornton

8-31-93 9-28-93 V1 Requests PNF withdraw from Last Chance and Becknel timber sales and make up volume through salvage sales.
31 Letter Wayne Thornton

Bill Coates, Michael Jackson, Tom Nelson

9-14-93 9-28-93 V1 Requests QLG reconsider position on Last Chance & Becknell, attached:Brief by Frank Ferguson, and economic analysis of alternatives
32 Letter John Redd

Wayne Thornton

10-8-93 9-28-93 V1 Requests PNF withdraw from Becknell and Last Chance timber sales & show support for QLG
33 Letter QLG

Mr Tuchman

10-6-93 10-15-93 V1 asks for support and dialogue
34 Letter Quincy Women in Timber


10-15-93 10-15-93 V1 support, comments, concerns
35 Field Trip Guide Linda Blum 10-2-93 10-15-93 V1 Write up of East Side Forest Field Trip
36 Butterfly Valley Watershed Management Map     10-15-93 V1  
37 Meeting Minutes     111-5-93 V1 General mtg.minutes from Oct. 15, 1993
38 Letter Valley 7 Winds Council

Bill Coates

10-26-93 11-5-93 V1 Gary Ranz & Steve Benner intend to represent environmental concerns w/in Sierraville District
39 Northern Sierra Working Circle Sustained Yield Unit     11-5-93 V1 Implementation Plan for QLG proposal, attached are blank sawlog volume summary sheets,
40 Big Valley Yield Unit Area   1-3-1950 11-5-93 V1 Policy statement on Big Valley federal sustained-yield unit, Modoc National Forest
41 Grays Harbor Yield Unit Area   '49,'68 11-5-93 V1 definitions, map, objectives
42 Shelton Yield Unit   '46 11-5-93 V1 31 pg management plan
43 Community Stability Proposal

Monitoring Plan Outline

  10-26-93 11-5-93 V1 2nd draft evaluation of success & effectiveness, objectives, strategies, implementation, parameters
44 Field Trip Guide   11-6-93 11-5-93 V1 Information and map from 2nd QLG field trip
45 QLG Adaptive Management Plan   9-24-93 11-5-93 V1 intro., background, structure, monitoring
46 Kyburz Field Trip Info Sierraville Ranger Dist. 11-10-93 11-5-93 V1 issues on Kyburz area
47 Kyburz Analysis of Watershed Impacts James Bergman 11-9-93 11-5-93 V1 cumulative watershed impacts now and proposed from the project
48 Letter Mike DeLasaux

John Helms

11-11-93 11-5-93 V1 to share monitoring plan with faculty at Berkeley
49 Letter John Helms

Mike DeLasaux

11-16-93 11-5-93 V1 Letter in support of QLG
50 Letter Mike DeLasaux

Deborah Elliott-Fisk

11-12-93 11-5-93 V1 sharing monitoring plan, comment on SNEP, share GIS/NR public accessibility proposal
51 Letter John Redd

QLG participants


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