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Reply to: 2400 Timber

Date: March 4, 1993

Michael Jackson, Member FCPW
Attorney at Law
446 West Main Street
P.O. Box 207
Quincy, California 95971

Dear Mr. Jackson:

I appreciate you and other members of the group meeting with me and my staff on February 11, 1993. The presentation you made to develop a joint resource management proposal in the McClellan Creek area is exciting. It is exactly this kind of approach to find common ground among diverse interests and get beyond "sacred semantics” that will determine the best path for resource management in the Sierra Nevada's. The objective you presented is to develop a watershed management proposal for this area in cooperation with the Plumas National Forest. Members of the group, which include representatives from environmental groups, timber industry, and Feather River College, are to be commended for the efforts completed to date. It is encouraging to see folks working together.

I encourage you to continue and complete this effort as soon as weather permits. We look forward to seeing the final proposal and discussing it together with you in the field.

Milford District Ranger Jeff Withroe, and his team, have been working on a similar proposal which is called Clarks 2000. The objective of this effort is to accomplish natural resource management activities on an ecosystem basis, in a large watershed. I encourage your group to review this effort in the field to determine what measures have been effective; and to gain understanding and knowledge of this type of process.

I have asked Jeff to be a liaison with your group. He can provide assistance to members of your group with information requests, and provide natural resource specialist assistance. As you proceed, please keep him informed.

If you have any questions or need any further assistance please feel free to contact m. I look forward to the progress of this effort.


Forest Supervisor

Caring for the Land and Serving People