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Reply to: 1950/32430
Date: September 14, 1993

Mr. Bill Coates
Mr. Michael Jackson
Mr. Tom Nelson
Each as a Member of the Quincy Library Group

Dear Mssrs:

By Addendum to Community Stability Proposal of August 10, 1993, I was asked to defer the Becknell and Last Chance Timber Sales for further environmental review and modification beyond that already reflected in the current environmental analysis and decisions documents. Frank Ferguson, Land Management Planning Staff Officer, conducted a field review of the Becknell Timber Sale with Michael Yost of the Quincy Library Group. Fred Krueger, Dick Castaldini, and Dennis Clemens of my staff participated in the review as well. The results of that review and possible sale modifications were discussed at your meeting on August 30. I have been briefed on the review, the Library Group's discussion, and the group's resolution to ask me to not sell these sales (Attachment I). I understand the Group's concerns.

The Group's strength and resolve are very important to the future of these National Forest dependent communities. Understandably, the bonds which have been built within the Group, are still fragile; they require care and patience. I am concerned, however, that sincere efforts to protect these bonds may have contributed to a premature resolution regarding these sales. The withdrawal of these sales, especially given the environmental analysis and modifications already completed, is significant. I also think it is against your urgent community stability objectives; and that it would adversely affect:

- Employment and revenue from local logging and manufacturing processes.
- County receipts for local schools and roads (Attachment II).
- Our Forest budget efficiency, something closely watched organizationally and by Congress. It could contribute to further budget reductions.

I urge each member to review the attachments to this letter and to consider each of the alternatives and effects, while remembering the community stability objectives of the Quincy Library Group. I will need a jointly signed copy of your final resolution for consideration in making a decision.



Forest Supervisor


Caring for the Land and Serving People