Library Group Meeting - 4/29/93

SPI Objective: Certainty and stability

1) Requires an adequate, sustainable and reliable source of National Forest logs for sale in order to continue investments in our Quincy, Susanville, and Loyalton sawmills as well as investments in private timberlands to help supply logs to these mills.

2) Requires a system of forest management on the National Forests that is:

a) scientifically sound
b) legally authorized
c) socially acceptable
d) economically feasible
e) relatively simple to understand, implement, and monitor by USFS personnel
f) capable of meeting the threshold output levels of #1
g) available for application in FY 1994 timber sale programs

*Note: Our definition of "forest management" encompasses much more than the traditional USFS concept of an ASQ level w/ regeneration targets. It includes goals for wildlife habitat, fuels reduction, streamcourse protection, and soil stability. Restoration and maintenance projects to achieve these goals are considered an integral part of this system of forest management.