February 11, 1993


Project Description:

This is an effort between Friends of Plumas Wilderness and Sierra Pacific Industries to develop a watershed management proposal for a specific area of the Plumas National Forest. It is our joint intent to present this management proposal for analysis and possible implementation in a cooperative venture between the above action parties and the Plumas National Forest.

McClellan Creek has been chosen as the watershed within which to develop the management proposal. We believe this watershed is typical of many eastside Sierran watersheds.

We propose to develop this management proposal within the guidance of the Plumas National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, with specific emphasis placed upon moving toward the Plan's Desired Future condition (DFC). We will interpret the DFC within the context of the capabilities, opportunities, and unique qualities of the McClellan Creek watershed.

We expect the management proposal to be broad in scale, utilizing a variety of management techniques to address existing conditions within the watershed while changing the current trends within the watershed to better and more quickly meet the Plan's Desired Future Conditions. Multiple resources within the watershed will be evaluated and addressed within the context of the DFC through the management proposal.

Our proposal will require the use of standard forest, range, wildlife, and watershed inventory and management techniques. However, other than providing access to this data, we anticipate very little involvement from Forest Service employees will be necessary.

We ask to be allowed to develop this management proposal independent of Forest Service participation except as requested jointly by the action parties. We will keep the Forest Service appraised of our progress and will deliver a final proposal as it is completed.

Contact Personnel:

Friends of Plumas Wilderness - Michael Jackson, 283-1007

Sierra Pacific Industries - Tom Nelson, 365-3721