1994 QLG Documents
NOTE: In assembling the archive, priority was given to providing and linking those documents that capture the QLG process, dialogue, and milestones. The other listed documents can be made available.

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56 LNF ecosystem management process LNF SO ecosystem team


1-10-94 1-10-94 V1 definition, tentative process, watershed level process
57 What is ecosystem management M. Jackson   1-10-94 V1 from: Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge Planning
58 LNF fire and fuels management Robert D. Olson


1-10-94 1-10-94 V1 "Managing for the future by Understanding the Past" Fire history on LNF and discussion of management needed
59 QLG monitoring com. report John Redd 12-15-93 1-10-94 V1 forest health & community stability subcommittees formed
60 QLG monitoring com., community stability subcom. report John Redd 12-28-93 1-10-94 V1 econ assumptions of proposal, data sources, logistics of monitoring,
61 QLG monitoring com., forest health subcommittee John Redd 1-7-94 1-10-94 V1 monitoring framework for Terrestrial Zone, fuels and fire, vertebrate, invertebrate, forest veg, trees, water quality
62 QLG monitoring com., forest health subcommittee John Redd 12-29-93 1-10-94 V1 32 forest health indicators
63 Almanor tree classes     1-10-94 V1 age groups, spacing, crown position
64 PG&E WTRYLD Model Donna S. Lindquist   1-10-94 V1 Water Yield Model, hydro generation planning tool
65 Perazzo analysis area Mike De Lasaux 1-10-94 1-10-94 V1 Information on Environmental Assessment and the appeal
66 Ecosystem Management Workshop proposal UCCE   1-10-94 V1 symposium proposed to inform Forest Service and others of the management approach QLG proposes
67 QLG group notes Mike De Lasaux 1-6-94 1-10-94 V1 meetings, funding, proposal, political figures,
68 Letter Mike De Lasaux

Claude Neely

1-11-94 1-10-94 V1 Inclusion of Neely in QLG proposal and steering committee
69 Letter Mike De Lasaux

Dr. Don Erman

1-12-94 1-10-94 V1 SNEP projects related to QLG and SNEP scientists that should be made aware of QLG
70 LNF/QLG meeting report John Redd 1-20-94 1-10-94 V1 communication concerns
71 Letter Ronald Stewart, Leonard Atencio, Wayne Thornton, and John Skinner

To: all LNF, PNF, & TNF employees

1-21-94 1-10-94 V1 all to work professionally and collaboratively with QLG shows clear support of QLG by Forest Service
72 Letter Wayne Thornton

Mike De Lasaux

1-7-94 1-10-94 V1 FS response to questions, cost to implement 5-year plan?, how can FS implement a transition in 1994 and cost
73   LNF, PNF, & TNF 1-7-94 1-10-94 V1 LNF, PNF, & TNF funds needed for 1994 to work on QLG
74 LNF phone list     1-10-94 V1  
75 Letter Leonard Atencio 1-3-94 1-10-94 V1 mentions support but also says he expects the group to be hard to work with and that they don't have the answers
76 Letter Tom Nelson

Ron Stewart

1-27-94 1-10-94 V1 Critique of LNF and Supervisor Leonard Atencio for not taking QLG seriously
77 Letter George Terhune


3-2-94 2-7-94 V2 numerical support needed for the proposal to back up unsubstantiated claims/ fuel management / watershed improve.
78 QLG committees     2-7-94 V2 ssts, range, silvicultural, maps, phase 2, transition, pipeline, syu/working circle, Nov. field trip planning, community stability, forest health
79 PG&E Biomass Qualifying Facilities Lessons Learned Scoping Study-Phase 1 Jane H.Turnbull

prepared for PG&E

5-91 2-7-94 V2 Feasibility study
80 Letter Michael J. Goodner 2-6-94 2-7-94 V2 Big Valley Lumber Co. proposes its small log mill in Burney be used to process timber from QLG-SYU
81 Letter Stephen Bishop

Mike De Lasaux, QLG

1-28-94 2-7-94 V2 Sierraville Ranger District on TNF review and comments on Community Stability Proposal
82 Letter Stephen Bishop

Mike De Lasaux, QLG

1-28-94 2-7-94 V2 Salvage of bark beetle killed trees
83 Letter Holly George

To:Ahart, Roney, Matley, Mallery, Guidici, Tangeman, Pascoe, Genasci, Maddalena, Swickard, Payen, Wemple

1-31-94 2-7-94 V2 need for involvement in QLG process to protect grazing rights in the future
84 Letter Jack Ward Thomas

To: Deputy chiefs, Regional foresters, station directors, area director, IITF director

12-9-93 2-7-94 V2 six messages to direct future of Forest Service
85 Letter Holly George

Feather River CRMP

2-10-94 2-7-94 V2 range subcommittee appointed, charge of this committee,
86 Economic Dependency on National Forests Plumas Corporation   2-7-94 V2 for Sierra, Plumas, & Lassen counties. Graphics include: Dominance of Federal Lands, USFS Ownership of Commercial Timberland, Lumber Products Employment Dependence, Number of Lumber/Resource Workers Over Time, Lumber Industry Employment '82-'92, Schools Forest Receipt Dependency, Annual Timber Volumes, Lumber Harvest Value on Federally Administered Lands '92
87 report Susan Baremore

QLG Lassen Tmbr Sale com

1-25-93 2-7-94 V2 graphics: potential QLG projects, sales removed from sale program, outyear planning LNF Almanor District
88 Pacific Energy project summary Pacific Energy 7-6-89 2-7-94 V2 list of plants, Timber stand improvement aspects of Biomass Thinning, fuel specifications
89 Silviculture, Timber Management and the Desired Future Condition Michael Yost 2-1-94 2-7-94 V2 2nd draft portion of community stability proposal, desired future condition, intermediate thinning, regeneration, snag retention
90 Draft handouts for DC lobbying Tom Nelson 2-8-94 2-7-94 V2 overview, community dependency, 4 ecosystem management strategies, desired future condition, DC trip talking points,
91 County impacts letter Lenny Gallegos

Larry Ruth

  2-7-94 V2 direct revenues, employment, indirect revenues and benefits, social costs,
92 graphic Plumas Corp 2-94 2-7-94 V2 Manufactured Sawlog Volume Inside SYU draft
93 petition form for proposal     2-7-94 V2 For support of Community Stability Proposal of QLG
94 Terrestrial Zone Monitoring QLG forest health subcommittee of monitoring c 2-7-94 2-7-94 V2  
95 Community Stability Proposal QLG   2-7-94 V2 working area map, boundary map, goals, assumptions and cost estimates, additional funds needed, selected key projected accomplishments
96 Letter QLG

Forest Supervisors

3-28-94 3-2-94 V2 presentation meeting time for CASPO sales, salvage sales, ecosystem management projects, fuelbreak construction, watershed restoration projects, & discussion draft status
97 Letter Neil G. Dion & John Preschutti

TO: Dr. Jared Verner

3-2-94 3-2-94 V2 Primary concerns regarding proposed administrative study of California Spotted Owls : Necessity, Eficacy, Risks, Planning Team,
98 Report(missing) QLG

Lassen Timber Sale Team

3-9-94 3-2-94 V2 Desired Future Conditions, Internal Issues, concerns and Opportunities, concerns of QLG
99 News article Lassen County Times 3-8-94 3-2-94 V2 Gillaspie lobbied for increased timber receipts for schools
100 text     3-2-94 V2 compares natural disasters to forest condition
101 D.C. trip confirmed apts.    
102 Herger / a bill Mr. Herger 2-23-94 3-2-94 V2 Timber receipts
103 Letter CA Women in Timber/ Nadine Bailey

TO: Mike De Lasaux

3-21-94 3-28-94 V2 Rose Comstock is official liaison between QLG & CWIT
104 Letter Mike De Lasaux

Floyd Hicks

3-24-94 3-28-94 V2 basic info on QLG and invitation to 4-21-94 meeting
105 Letter Blum, Coates, Nelson, Jackson, Reeves,

TO: Louis Blumberg

3-30-94 3-28-94 V2 clarifies QLG proposal and some issues raised at recent meetings
106 Letter John Redd

Jerry Verner

3-20-94 3-28-94 V2 questions regarding the logic or relevance of some aspects of proposed administrative study of CA spotted owls
107 Letter David Reider LNF 3-28-94 3-28-94 V2 FONSI for PACFISH program & PACFISH facts
108 Letter William Gillaspie

Lassen County Board of Ed.

3-9-94 3-28-94 V2 Lobbying trip to Washington
109 Letter Coates, Jackson, and Nelson

Sandy Thomas

3-7-94 3-28-94 V2 Lobbying trip to Washington
110 Proposal     3-28-94 V2 Proposal for a new bioregional program
111 Letter Susan Baremore

Bill Gillespie

3-22-94 3-28-94 V2 Herger bill
112 Sustained Yield Unit Proposal   3-28-94 3-28-94 V2 QLG - annual timber sales
113 Community Stability proposal   4-8-94 3-28-94 V2 implementation plan
114 Briefing Paper     3-28-94 V2 management attainment report
115 Letter Noel, Thomas, Buckley


4-94 4-21-94 V2 “A Grassroots Look at the QLG”
116 Letter M. Jackson

Jack Ward Thomas

4-19-94 4-21-94 V2 QLG proposal
117 Lettter Paul Hewitt


3-30-95 4-21-94 V2 HR 3928 - Herger bill
118 Notes QLG/ CRM Grazing Committee 3-15-94 4-21-94 V2 QLG/ CRM Grazing Committee Notes
119 Proposal QLG/ CRM Grazing Committee   4-21-94 V2 Draft: “Human Goal” QLG/CRM Rangeland Committee/ Grazing TAC
120 Letter Chris and Jim Bailey

Jill Delaney

4-2-94 4-21-94 V2 support of QLG
121 Letter Loretta Stringfellow

Jack Ward Thomas

4-12-94 4-21-94 V2 need for money for fire prevention
122 Letter Louis Blumberg

Jackson, Blum, Yost

3-31-94 4-21-94 V2 questions of the Natural Defense Council and Sierra Club
  Letter Mike Jackson & QLG

Sammi Yassa, Louis Blumberg & Frannie Waid

3-31-94 4-21-94 V2 Concerns of The Wilderness Society, Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council
123 Silviculture, Timber Management, and Desired Future Condition Yost 4-18-94 4-21-94 V2  
124 FS Briefing Paper FY 1994 Implementation   4-8-94 4-21-94 V2 FS Briefing for each forest regarding FY 94 & 95 accomplishments
125 Letter Mike Williams 4-8-94 4-21-94 V2 Lassen Forest project proposal
126 Letter Chuck Berwick

Tom Nelson, Jill Delaney

4-18-94 4-21-94 V2 Members of Congress who have not committed tot he QLG letter of support to Secretary Espy
127 Letter John Sheeman


4-18-94 4-21-94 V2 Ecosystem management Testimony in Washington, D.C.
128 Testimony on Ecosystem Mgt. John Sheeman 4-14-94 4-21-94 V2 Coordinated Resource management
129 Document Lasseen NF   4-21-94 V2 Data in LNF thinning programs
130 Letter to: Mike Espy 3-7-94 4-21-94 V2 letter of support for Mike Espy
131 Letter Wally Herger

to all colleagues

    V2 letter in support of QLG and what the groups is doing
132 Briefing paper USFS PSW 5-6-94 4-21-94 V2 PSW briefing paper on QLG
133 Letter Susan Baremore

letter to editor - Sacramento Bee

5-12-94 4-21-94 V2 concerns over the Forest Service
134 Letter Senator Feinstein, Reid, Fazio, Herger (drafted by Tom Nelson)

Jack Ward Thomas

5-5-94 4-21-94 V2 In support of the plans that QLG has come up with and their need for money to start reduction of fire loading before fire season
135 DG messages scan for Fred Kent 5-4-94 4-21-94 V2 DG messages about FS perceptions of QLG
136 Letter Redd

Noel, Thomas, Buckley

4-27-94 4-21-94 V2 answers to questions proposed by others in regards to QLG plan
137 Letter Redd

Fred Kent

5-11-94 4-21-94 V2 grazing strategies
138 Letter Edelson, Blumberg, Hoover-Waid

M Jackson and QLG

3-31-94 4-21-94 V2 Re: letter sent to President Clinton by the NRDC, Sierra Club, etc.
139 Letter Edelson, Blumberg, Hoover-Waid

President Clinton

5-18-94 4-21-94 V2 letter sent to President Clinton by the NRDC, Sierra Club, etc.
140 Letter D.Edelson, Blumberg, Hoover-Waid

Jackson, Yost, Blum, Reeves

5-27-94 4-21-95 V2 NRDC - explanation of letter that was sent to President Clinton as to why the NRDC, etc said the plan is a failure
141 Proposal Plumas Corp. 5-26-94 5-26-94 V2 USFS State and Private Funding Track
142 Text     5-26-94 V2 Background information on monitoring
143 Letter L.Atencio, J.Skinner, H. Thorton


5-20-94 5-26-94 V2 accomplishments completed on the Lassen, Plumas, and Tahoe N.F.
144 Letter Herger et al.

Mike Espy

5-5-94 5-26-94 V2 Letter in support of QLG  
145 Article- “Library Group Catches Clinton's Ear” Feather River Bulletin 5-25-94 5-26-94 V2 attention of president to QLG. How the people of the area came together and put aside their differences and came up with a plan for the forest
146 National Forest Natural Fuels Mgt. A case of “Penny wise and Pound Foolish”   5-23-94 5-26-94 V2 fire background, fire management program, fuel management
147 letter M. De Lasaux

Jim Stretch

6-1-94 5-26-94 V2 the amount of money spent on copies, stamps, and time
148 Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief and Petition for Mandamus   5-13-94 5-26-94 V2 court document
149 Letter Jackson, Coates, Nelson

Al Gore

5-31-94 5-26-94 V2 note to update QLG proposal that was sent to Clinton
150 Letter Jackson

Edelson, Blumberg, Hooever-Waid

5-31-94 5-26-94   response to letter
151 Letter Laurel Ames


6-2-94 5-26-94 V2 support from the Sierra Nevada Alliance
152 Letter Laurel Ames

Edelson, Waid, Blumberg

6-2-94 5-26-94 V2 letter to the group to say how disappointed she was with the letter mailed to President Clinton stating lack of support for QLG
153 Letter QLG

Edelson, etc.

6-9-94 5-26-94 V2 clarify proposal and invite group to QLG meeting
154 Letter DeLasaux

QLG members

6-1-94 5-26-94 V2 George Terhune's paper discussion
155 Documents     5-26-94 V2 Notes in prep. for Jim Lyons visit to Quincy
156 Letter Lyons

Jackson, Coates, and Nelson

  6-22-94 V3 response to request of new Federal sustained Yield Units encompassing Lassen, Plumas, and Lake Tahoe national Forests
157 Quincy Library Group Continues to Press for Community Stability- Proposal Funding   6-23-94 6-22-94 V3 adoption of papers, wild and scenic route proposal, and community outreach
158 Federal Advisory Committee Act of 1972   1972 6-22-94 V3  
159 Environmental Analysis and other projects status reports   5-94 6-22-94 V3 Projects: biomass, land exchanges, allotment management plans, misc., special use permits, and timber sales
160 Cal. Spotted Owl EIS Draft Alternatives   5-24-94 6-22-94 V3 seven alternatives summarized
161 Letter Thorton

interested parties

4-22-94 6-22-94 V3 Quarterly reports for projects on Plumas National Forest
162 Sierraville Ranger District Fire Mgt. Response to QLG proposal     6-22-94 V3 preferred alternatives
163 Letter Robert Meacher

Naser Bateni

2-1-94 7-20-94 V4 California Water Plan Update Bulletin
164 Letter USDA

Regional Foresters, etc.

7-12-94 7-20-94 V4 Federal Advisory Committee Act
165 Letter Stephen Bishop


7-18-94 7-20-94 V4 analysis of forest health
166 Conserving the CA Spotted Owl - Impacts of Interim Policies and implications for the long term   5-94 7-20-94 V4 capitalizing other values of the Sierra Nevada water and recreation
167 Letter Redd

Withroe, Cesmat

7-20-94 7-20-94 V4 Hacienda insect salvage project
168 An open letter to USFS Employees From a Member of the QLG Redd 7-20-94   V4 clearing up the confusion
169 Letter DeLasaux


8-16-94 8-24-94 V4 Steering Committee Barbecue and Klamath Biodiversity Project
170 Letter DeLasaux


8-22-94 8-24-94 V4 Meeting with Lynn Sprague, the new Regional Forester
171 Letter Linda Blum

Wally Herger

8-11-94 8-24-94 V4 discussion of the proposed “Forest Fire and Pest Emergency Act”, HR 4742 and a copy of the proposal
172 Letter Senator Dianne Fienstein

Dr. Jack Ward Thomas

8-18-94 8-24-94 V4 Thank you note on response to costs and associated output from implementation of the QLG proposal
173 Information on the “Proposed Restructuring of California's Electric Services Industry   8-17-94 8-24-94 V4 deregulation of the electric services industry, biomass power issues, environmental benefits, options.
174 Letter Stephen Bishop


9-1-94 8-24-94 v4 Cottonwood Fire meeting
175 Letter Jack Ward Thomas

Forest Supervisors in the West. U.S.

9-7-94 8-24-94 V4 forest health, team to evaluate forest health, guidelines, funding , etc.
176 Don't slash forests under guise of fire prevention USA Today 9-7-94 8-24-94 V4` their view - proposals to harvest dying trees could increase fire risk, not reduce them.
177 Letter Lynn Sprague

Bill Coates

9-9-94 9-28-94 V4 thank you for meeting , moving forward with the proposal.
178 Letter Bill Coates

Lynn Sprague

9-20-94 9-28-94 V4 invite to meeting
179 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Mgt.     9-28-94 V4 educational program opportunities for northern Sierra Nevada
180 Letter Jack Ward Thomas

Dianne Fienstein

  9-28-94 V4 salvage sale fund and inequity - prior to CASPO
181 Letter John Sheeman, Leah Wills

QLG Steering Committee

9-14-94 9-28-94 V4 Strategy focus: current conditions, biomass, problem - solutions, watershed,
182 Statement of Dr. Jack Ward Thomas Dr. Jack Ward Thomas 8-30-94 9-28-94 V4 views of health and productivity of the Western United States forests
183 Letter Susan Baremore

Bill Coates

10-5-94 9-28-94 V4 concerns on debate over Plumas County's endorsement of Sierra Communities Council
184 Letter Robert Shulman

John Maupin

9-16-94 9-28-94 V4 legal issues to fuel reduction
185 Letter Stephen Bishop

Mike DeLasaux

11-8-94 9-28-94 V4 analysis completion Cottonwood fire
186 Flame and Blame in the Northwest High Country News 9-19-94 9-28-94 V4 Loggers urge fire sale, etc.
187 Letter Wally Berger

Linda Blum

9-1-94 9-28-94 V4 Forest Fire and Pest Emergency Act response to her response
188 Letter Jim Owens

Western Forest Activists

10-27-94 9-28-94 V4 forest health projects
189 Letter Stephen Bishop

De Lasaux

10-27-94 11-16-94 V4 meeting objectives-Sierraville Ranger District
190 Proposal for Ecosystem Mgt, Redd 10-94 11-16-94 V4 structure, composition, and function
191 California Wild and Scenic Rivers Legislation Friends of the River 10-7-94 11-16-94` V4 Statewide strategy meeting in Davis
192 Letter Stephen Bishop


10-12-94 11-16-94 V4 meeting for desired conditions statement and project proposals
193 Letter Jeffy McCaffrey 10-6-94 11-16-94 V4 mailing list - rehabilitation of the damaged properties by fire
194 Letter QLG Steering Committee

Tom Tuchman

11-2-94 11-16-94 V4` informing him of QLG
195 Letter Blum, Reeves

Marylou Mini and Judy Welles

11-11-94 11-16-94 V4 Lassen National Forest's Environmental Assessment for Butt Creek Management Area
196 Letter DeLasaux

QLG Monitoring Committee Members

11-22-94 11-16-94 V4 Monitoring pilot projects
197 Letter Atencio, Tartaglia, Madrid


11-21-94 11-16-94 V4 concerns forest health situation
198 Letter Melinda Brown and Mary Shroeder

Don Knollsr

10-31-94 11-16-94 V4 Shasta-Tehama Bioregional Council
199 Babbit Faces hostile Congress Earth Watch - Reno Gazette Journal 11-13-94 11-16-94 V4 congress hostility towards Clintons environmental groups
200 Letter Susan Baremore

Leonard Atencio

11-30-94 12-2-94 V4 QLG proposal - concerns over dropping like loggers shutting down
201 Letter Vic Fazio

Richard Rominger

11-29-94 12-2-94 V4 comments over wildfire, health problems of the forest