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Date:January 21, 1994

Subject: Quincy Library Group

To: All Employees: Lassen, Plumas, and Tahoe National Forests

This letter is to express our support of the Quincy Library Group initiative. We are excited about collaborating with the group, and look forward to your support as well. After years of controversy, previously polarized groups are discovering collective strength in consensus. It is vital that we embrace this cooperation if we expect to continue as an effective and respected land management agency. This is a new process--a new way of doing business, both internally and externally. Clearly as we collaborate with this and similar key local community groups, we will continue to work with national and state interests, and stay within the law.

The Quincy Library Group (QLG) took President Clinton's charge at last year's Forest Conference seriously. Emerging early, they voluntarily came to us with a land management proposal for the Lassen, Plumas and Tahoe National Forests that is supported by a broad spectrum of interests. The QLG is a model for involving groups at the grass roots level. Their proposal has gathered support from the Administration, the Congressional delegation, the Chief, myself and the three involved Forest Supervisors. We have wanted consensus for years. This proposal is serious--it could break gridlock--we must be quick to work with it, and to make it a reality. It is our best opportunity to gain the strong community support we need to practice sound resource management.

We know there are pitfalls and difficulties ahead, and we should anticipate and avoid them. That is part of our job, but our recognition of potential problems must not be perceived as resistance, passive or otherwise.

We believe this proposal offers great opportunity to work professionally and collaboratively with the Quincy Library Group as a team. Each of you have important contributions to make.

The Forest Service will be judged by how well we are able to shift to a new way of doing business. Let's strive to make the judgment favorable.

/s/ Dale N. Bosworth


Regional Forester

Forest Supervisor
Lassen National Forest

Forest Supervisor
Plumas National Forest

Forest Supervisor
Tahoe National Forest