March 31, 1994

Quincy Library Group
c/o Michael Jackson
P.O. Drawer 207
Quincy, CA 95971

Dear Mike Jackson and the Quincy Library Group:

   We are writing regarding the proposal put forward by the Quincy Library Group (QLG) for management of the Lassen National Forest, Plumas National Forest, and the Sierraville District on the Tahoe National Forest in the northern Sierra Nevada. We understand that the QLG is a continuing discussion among some timber industry officials, community members, county government officials, and some local environmental activists in an attempt to address forest management issues in the region. According to various reports, the details of the proposal may have changed since this summer.

   In general, we support collaborative approaches to addressing forest management problems and would like to support such an approach in the northern Sierra Nevada. However, we have concerns about the QLG process as described in your written material and substantial questions remain unanswered regarding the specifics of the proposal. Until such questions are answered, it is difficult to assess the merits and impacts of the proposal. In this letter we outline some of these questions, and request that you respond in writing to them. This information will be helpful to us in developing a position on the proposal.

1) The QLG propsal intends to be "consistent with all existing laws." Does this include the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the National Forest Management Act (NFMA), and the recent Region 5 policy for the California spotted owl (CASPO)?

2) According to the written materials, The Quincy Library Group strategy is intended to apply to "the broadest landscape possible" and proposes to "expand the existing landbase available for timber production beyond that currently 'zoned' for timber production but that environmental effects upon this expanded landbase will be greatly reduced."

3) The QLG has asked for Forest Service appropriations "to meet the immediate needs of the OLG proposal."

4) The QLG concludes that "stewardship contracts should be expanded, and a sustained yield' unit as authorized by Congress must be established."

Given these significant questions, it is impossible for us to adequately evaluate the QLG proposal at this time. We look forward to your response and hope that we will be able to extend support to our efforts.





Sami Yassa
Natural Resources
Defense Council


Louis Blumberg
The Wilderness Society


Frannie H. Waid
Sierra Club

cc Jack Ward Thomas
  Ronald Stewart


Sunday, January ,(, /),( 0(:,(:,( AM