NOTE: The following is a Data General message shared with the QLG.


From: Leonard Atencio
Date: Jan 09,94 3:11 PM

We have been involved with the QLG for almost one year. One of my expectations did not occur. I really thought they would dissolve by now. They are here to stay. They are like the Sierra Club, the timber industry or like the cattleman's association. They are comprised of several interested publics that are very concerned about the management of the Lassen NF. We have had several discussions on the forest regarding this group. I have heard the concerns and agree with everyone, this group is not going to be easy to work with. I also agree that this group DOES NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS EITHER. I also agree that this group doesn't have the expertise they claim. we have heard what the Clinton administration's desire is, to increase opportunities and partnerships with communities in solving problems. The Chief and Regional forester have stated they want to increase public involvement. With this emphasis from management I want to restate my commitment to continue working with the QLG. I want this forest to continue participating with the QLG. My expectation is that we do everything possible to break down barriers affecting a working relationship. The QLG is no different than any public. We will work the same with any public that comes forward and wants to get involved. NEXT QLG MEETING JAN 10 SUSANVILLE.