California Senate Resolution
By the Honorable Dave Cox, 1st Senatorial District
Relative to Commending

The Quincy Library Group

Whereas, the Quincy Library Group, an immensely respected Group of Citizens from throughout the QLQ areas of Plumas, Lassen, Sierra, Shasta, Butte, Nevada and Placer counties, has brought immense credit and distinction to themselves and communities through their personal, professional and civic accomplishments, it is appropriate at this time to highlight their many achievements and extend special public recognition and commendations to them for their dedicated civic leadership; and

Whereas,  In late 1992 former Plumas County Supervisor Bill Coates, Environmental Attorney Michael Jackson and Sierra Pacific Industries, Timberlands Manager, Tom Nelson, began private discussions, recognizing that the historical “timber wars” had only generated significant controversy serving no one’s true interest,  they formed the core and the backbone of the organization that the Quincy Library Group would eventually become.  These discussions led to the establishment of the Quincy Library Group Steering Committee which exist of about 30 members; they represent the communities, the environment and the timber industry; and

Whereas, the cornerstone foundation of this group is sharing of a common belief that present US Forest Service management of our National Forests were inadequate to meet the needs of the people and the environment, as is the purpose of the National Forest System, and that environmental protection and a thriving local economy can co-exist, issues that have been the basis for an ongoing national controversy and dispute; and  

Whereas, The QLG codified these beliefs with signatures of each member to the Community Stability Proposal in 1993 in which these beliefs were further codified into law by the US House of Representatives passage of the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery and Economic Stability Act by a vote of 429-1 on July 9, 1997, followed by passage of the same in the US Senate in October of 1998; and, 

Whereas, It has been ten years since passage of the Act in the House of Representatives and the Quincy Library Group continues to pursue their beliefs as described in their law, to ensure the Secretary of Agriculture conduct the Pilot Project as intended on the designated lands within Plumas, Lassen, and Tahoe National Forests in the State of California, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the QLG proposed resource management activities; and

Whereas,  The contributions that the Quincy Library Group have made to the people of Plumas County, the Western United States and throughout the State of California have been invaluable, and through the Quincy Library Groups ongoing commitment and dedication to implementation of the Herger Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery and Economic Stability Act, the citizens of the United States and the State of California will reap many rewards for decades to come from a healthier national forest and critical watershed of the State Water Project, extensive environmental protection of important wildlife and habitat, sustainability of vital local economies and protection from threatening catastrophic wildfire that contribute to air pollution and destroy life and property; and

Whereas, The Quincy Library Group is genuinely respected, admired, and appreciated by all who have had the opportunity to know and work with them and to reap the benefits of their exceptional spirit and devotion to making a difference to our environment and in their community, state and nation; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY SENATOR DAVE COX,  That he hereby publicly acknowledges, and with appreciation, proudly recognizes the Quincy Library Group on their 15 years of invaluable and dedicated public service to the people and resources of Plumas, Lassen, Sierra, Shasta, Butte, Nevada and Placer Counties, and extends to them best wishes that their indomitable efforts will continue in the future.

Member Resolution No. 000
Dated this 30th day of October, 2007
Honorable Dave Cox
1st Senatorial District