March 19, 1997

Tom Nelson
District Forester
Sierra Pacific Industries
P. O. Box 496014
Redding, CA 96049-6014

Dear Mr. Nelson:

Thank your again for testifying at the Forests and Forest Health Subcommittee hearing on H.R. 858, the Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery and Economic Stability Act of 1997.

In order to clarify certain concerns regarding H.R. 858, I am forwarding the following questions from Representative Wally Herger (R-CA) to you for your response. This letter and your reply will be made part of the official record.

1. Please explain which sections of the "Quincy Library Group Proposal of 1993" will be implemented by H.R. 858, especially noting whether or not the Sustained Yield Units will be implemented as part of the QLG proposal.

2. Please explain how H.R. 858 can be implemented immediately and still comply with the existing forest plans for the Lassen, Plumas and Tahoe National Forests. Also, please explain whether H.R. 858 complies with the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project report.

3. Please explain whether H.R. 858 overrides existing protections for affected public lands as provided by federal law and policy and whether H.R. 858 allows harvest on "ancient forests" or critical wildlife habitat if these areas are affected by catastrophic events.

We would appreciate receiving your reply as soon as possible. Thank you again for your informative testimony and for providing this additional clarification about H.R. 858. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Anne Heissenbuttel at (202) 225-0691.



Helen Chenoweth


03/09/97 09:54:19 PM