QLG - Environmental Meeting
Sacramento, CA
April 8, 1997
Notes Transcribed from Flipcharts

Expectations of today's meeting

Key issues facing us today.

What are areas of agreement? 1st & 2nd set of responses.

What are areas of non-agreement?

Alternative approaches (Administrative/Legislative Proposal)

Next Steps.


What expectations do you have for today's meeting? What would you like to leave with at the end of the day?

Mike Jackson, (QLG)- Leave friends.

George Terhune, (QLG)- Clear idea how to handle this.

Felice Pace, -Clear understanding of where everyone's coming from.

Bill Coates, (QLG)- Improve communication on all sides -- get something done -- do with respect.

Kathleen -Consensus on next steps.

Rose Comstock, (QLG)- Common agreements re QLG legislation - avoid stalement.

Frank Stewart, (QLG)- Leave early.

John M. Listen - convey information to Congressman Doolittle.

Tom ? -Identify areas of consensus and the mechanism to implement it.

Ed Murphy, (QLG) Portray differences to improve decision making.

Mike Yost, (QLG) -Clearer understanding of QLG's goals.

Andrea Lawrence (Sierra Nevada Alliance)-Clear understanding of what the bill is / isn't.

Tom Nelson, (QLG) Leave early.

Steve Evans, (Friends of the River)- Preserve ancient forests, roadless areas, riparian reserves.

Rick G. -How to move forward.

Kent Connaughton, (Lassen National Forest) - An optimistic sense of the possibilities - grounded in what the forest's capable of doing.

Jim ? Share information, perspectives - idea of where to go next.

Mark Madrid, (Plumas National Forest) - Agreement we can put together on the ground.

Ryan Henson, (California Wilderness Coalition)- Do justice to QLG vision and address ecological concerns.

Mike P. Capitalize on the possibilities.

Laurel Ames (Sierra Nevada Alliance) - Hear our frustrations and deal with those.

Bill Ritter (Congressman Herger Staff) - Observe for Congressman Fazio.

Dave Tenney, (Congressman Herger Staff) - Bring good news back to Congressman Herger.

John Sheehan, (QLG) - Pay due deference to the natural and human environment.

Louis Blumberg, (The Wilderness Society) - Administrative solution.

John Preschutti, (Plumas Forest Project) - Open to outcome.

John Buckley, (Central California Environmental Resource Center) - Reasons why legislation may not work and the QLG process may not be the best.

David Edleson, (Natural Resources Defense Council) - Clarify what we agree on and don't - build from there.

Craig Thomas, (Friends Aware of Wildlife Needs) - Concerned re scope of bill and outcomes.



First Set of responses



Conservation land base should be protected Legislation shouldn't override existing laws and regulations.
Increase the funding for prescribed fire.  
QLG Agreements

* SAT Guidelines
* Thinning
* Strategic nature of fuel management
* Monitoring
* Watershed Management
* Working circle is not part of the bill - nor is sustained yield unit.

1Watershed management was not a universally agreed -to principle by all non-QLG members.

Second Set of responses

** These were universally agreed to by those present - at least in concept. For some issues, additional clarification/negotiation may be needed.



Administrative/Legislative Proposal

Get Congress Involved

Get more money

Provide clear direction to the USFS

Use agreed-upon principles to secure language in the instructions contained in the Interior Appropriations Report.


(No agreement on time frame or accountability - this appears to be a natural follow-on to above item - facilitator's comment)