Source: Biofuels: Volume 5, Issue 1 - Winter 1997

Quincy Library Group Proposal

  The Quincy Library Group (QLG), together with the Department of Energy (DOE), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and other project partners, has initiated a study to determine the economic, environmental and regulatory feasibility of four facilities designed to process forestry wastes into ethanol. This concept has become increasingly important during recent years, as excess dry and decaying wood has contributed significantly to several major forest fires. The four proposed sites, located in the Sierras of California are Westwood, Chester, Greenville and Loyalton.

  The Quincy Project's seven major tasks are listed below, along with the group responsible for collecting data:

  "An important part of both studies is the feedstock supply issue," said Yancy. "We are trying to determine the costs associated with transporting the biomass materials from the original locations to the processing facilities."