Sierra Club California EcoWatch
Vol. 2 #4
April 9, 1996


"Escalating public concern," according to the U.S. Forest Service, led to the cancellation of one of the worst proposed "Logging Without Laws" timber salvage sales in California. The sale area is in the Polk Springs Roadless Area of the Lassen National Forest in northeastern California and in the watershed of Deer Creek, one of the last remaining sources for wild salmon and steelhead on the Sacramento River system.

The sale had been offered twice before and attracted no bidders. This time, even the Quincy Library Group, which is a community consensus group of loggers, environmentalists and others, strongly opposed the sale. Congressman Vic Fazio, whose district contains the sale, opposed it vigorously and contacted members of the Administration expressing his concern. Congressman Wally Herger, whose district is further east, strongly supported the sale.

This is just one of over 250 timber sales proposed in California under the "Logging Without Laws" rider that passed Congress last year. At least 19 of these sales are proposed in ancient forests and in roadless areas--areas previously unlogged. Because of the rider, citizens have no ability to appeal the sales or to take the Forest Service to court.

"While this is a short-term victory, the Forest Service is clearly committed to carrying out hundreds of sales in California, many of which will be environmentally devastating," said Ryan Henson of California Wilderness Coalition. "Only a repeal of Logging Without Laws can stop this tidal wave of destruction."

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