November 12, 1995

Lynn Sprague
Regional Forester, Region 5
U. S. Forest Service
630 Sansome Street
San Francisco, California 94111

Dear Lynn:

Recently it has come to my attention that the Barkley Fire Sale on the Lassen N.F. has been withdrawn despite the availability of willing and able purchasers. This creates serious concerns for me in view of the timber salvage provisions of P.L. 104-19.

I understand that the Lassen N.F. began preparing the Barkley sale well over a year ago and has subjected it to rigorous environmental scrutiny, including the preparation of a comprehensive environmental impact statement. I also understand that the sale would yield approximately 2.5 mmbf of much-needed merchantably timber for mills in the North State.

Because this sale is both environmentally safe and likely to sell, I strongly urge you to award it to an appropriate bidder as soon as possible. I am sure you would agree that to otherwise would be a senseless waste of both money and resources and in direct violation of boththe spirit and letter of P.L. 104-19.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to thisimportant matter. I look forward to hearing of your final determination soon.


Wally Herger
Member of Congress